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Rafael Ramirez

The Meat Specialist

The Meat Specialist offers exclusive consulting services to premium retail butchers, wholesalers, distributors and producers.

The Meat Specialist is a boutique consultancy providing services to the meat industry across Australasia.  Rafael Ramirez (meat industry specialist) has identified a need in the market to build relationships within the whole supply chain through to end customer.


Lamb leg secrets with the Butcher and the Doc

How Do I Work With a Meat Specialist?

What is Consulting for the meat industry?

Helping in all aspects of the meat industry including butchering, retailing, supermarket management, food service, business management, accredited training and marketing.

Is There Funding Available For Your Services?

Yes there could be. I am familiar with most sources of funding for the meat industry and can assist you in submitting a proposal.

What Is The First Step?

The first thing we like to do is to assess the situation by conducting a Situation Analysis. After this we can propose a substantial strategy and implementation program.

Who Have You Worked With?

Clients include: 

  • Meat and Livestock Australia – Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Middle East
  • Meat Standards Australia
  • Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia
  • Murdoch University, Western Australia
  • BIG Group – Malaysia
  • Western Meat Packers Group
  • Ryan’s Quality Meats
  • Kerrigan Valley Beef
  • Blackwood Valley Beef
  • Agbiz, Victoria

About Rafael Ramirez

meat industry Business Consultant

I have been a part of the meat industry for over twenty-eight years and have experience in all aspects including butchering, retailing, supermarket management, food service, business management, accredited training and marketing. This variety of experience has allowed me to relate to all industry members on varying levels.

My management level experience has given me the opportunity to further develop relationships with processors, wholesalers, retailers and food service industries resulting in increased promotion and consumption of products.

Companies & People I’ve Worked With

“Rafael provided me with valuable how to advice that helped me turn my produce into a highly sought after brand!”

I think this is a fantastic result for all of us and it’s great to see all the changes we’ve made are working so well.

The challenge now is to make sure we maintain the improvement.

Greg Ryan

Director, Ryans Quality Meats

Thank you for your informative and entertaining presentation. You did an excellent job of demonstrating the benefits of MSA.

Thank you also for introducing us to your network.

Darren Cousens

Chairman, Bullseye Steering Committee



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